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The new hi-technology cleaning lubricant for extreme conditions and tough jobs!

  • The one greaseless product that will lubricate, penetrate, clean and protect in a wide range of applications and in freezing weather. 
  • Unlike other lubricants, SuperSlick does not contain mineral spirits, kerosene, or other additives such as wax, silicones or Teflon that can gum up the works. 
  • Great for bicycle chains, fishing equipment, reels, outboard motors, and other valuable equipment. 
  • Solves more problems for a longer time. 
  • Cleans and then protects. 
First developed to meet the exacting demands of the aircraft industry.

Gun Owners:
Superslickslickstuff neutralizes fingerprint acid and leaves surfaces protected against rust.

Material Safety Data Sheet
Order now and you'll never use you-know-what again!
Superslick Lubricant (2 cans)
2-11 oz. aero
Superslick Lubricant (12 cans)
12-11 oz. aero

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Super Slick Slick Stuff | All Purpose Lubricant | Anti-Friction | Anti-Corrosion | Anti-Rust | Anti-Wear Product